SPECTRA Portable & Smart Skateboard

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Product Description

SPECTRA | The World’s Most Portable & Intelligent eBoard

  • SPECTRA is the first and only eBoard with an ever-learning 3D Posture Control system, ABS braking, and interactive app control. With built-in pressure and gyro sensors, SPECTRA learns your body’s movements and riding style for a revolutionary ride.


  • 3D Step is the world’s first smart eBoard Posture Control System built with all kinds of sensors such as pressure sensors and gyro sensors, which learns your body’s movements and riding style. When the system senses turning motions, it automatically adjusts to allow a rider the smoothest and most flexible turn. You will feel an effortless incline and safe downhill as well.


  • LED indicators can not only tell s you battery status, but also let you stand out on the road. All model’s of SPECTRA are equipped with LED indicators, showing battery status, making you visible when riding in dark as well.


3D Step


  • Move Forward

          Lean forward to accelerate.
          Lean backward to decelerate and brake.

  • Turning Assistant

          A differential speed in 2 hub motors helps you to turn swiftly.

  • Climb Up 27% Ramp

          Incline auto power up.
          Downhill auto speed control.

This smart borad is desined for beginners and advanced riders alike!


LED Indicators


  • LED indicators

         Different colors in different control modes
         Low power alert

  • Mag-charger

         Easy-to-use magnetic port
         90-min charging time

  • Carbon Fiber Unibody

          Supercar-grade manufacturing
          The only eBoard with a Carbon Fiber Unibody
          Ensuring toughness & light weight


Meet Riders Like You



Your daily commute will never be the same! SPECTRA is The World’s Most Portable and Intelligent electric personal vehicle, with the first-ever 3D Posture Control System (3D Step), the smallest electromagnetic ABS braking module available (MagBrake), and a Supercar-grade carbon fiber and magnesium unibody. Riders can alternatively control their SPECTRA with the WALNUTT eBoard Go App on their smart phone.

Find your perfect match! The Pro model is build with a Supercar-grade Carbon-Fiber unibody, dual-wheel motors, super-accurate braking with the smallest ABS Braking Module available(MagBrake), and an amazing range with effortless uphill power. The SPECTRA Pro model is the best choice for simple outdoor riding.

  • With an all-directional remote control, SPECTRA Pro can be controlled just like a remote-controlled car.
  • By integrating on alternative remote inside, the WALNUTT eBoard Go App ensures a stable connection without worrying about losing a seperate remote. You can also control SPECTRA by touch screen or volume buttons on your smart phone(only available in Android version for now).

Buy SPECTRA Portable & Smart Skateboard on Amazon