Toyrific Children’s Electric Ride on Fire Engine with Bubble Gun, Lights and Sounds

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Toyrific Fire Engine Electric Ride-On

Fantastic for imaginative kids and wannabe firemen or firewomen, this Ride On Electric Fire Engine by Toyrific will really put them at the centre of the action! From putting out fires with the real, fully functional bubble gun to using the siren and flashing lights to race to the danger, you’re little one is sure to be entertained!

Capable of both forward and backward motion, dodging obstacles is a breeze and, when the easy to use accelerator pedal puts kids in full control of their own Fire Engine, who needs a car? Offering safe outdoor fun and active play this large ride on toy will provide hours of entertainment!

Key Features:

  • Bubble Gun Function
  • Accelerator Pedal
  • Siren Sound
  • Flashing Lights
  • Forward/Backward Capability
  • Speed 2.5 km/h
  • Max User Weight: 20 kg
  • Age: 3 – 6 years

Key Features:

Emergency Sirens and Flashing Lights

‘Emergency call, Fire Engine dispatched!’

Let your child’s imagination run wild with flashing emergency lights and warning sirens to let them race to the scene and save the day.

Fight the Fire with Real Bubbles

Take aim and prepare to take down the fiercest of fires. Your child can feel like a real life firefighter with the emergency re-fillable rescue bubble gun. Children will have hours of fun driving from scene to scene with this exciting bubble shooting feature.

High Quality and Well Presented Box

The Toyrific Fire Engine Electric Ride On can make for a perfect Christmas or Birthday present. With this in mind the fire engine comes presented in a high quality box, that is perfectly presented for a gift and also makes a useful storage box.

Toyrific Mercedes-Benz SLS Electric Ride-On

Is there anything more exciting than receiving your very first car? What if that car was a Mercedes-Benz SLS? Including a real working steering wheel, pedal, headlights and horn, this Mercedes Electric toy car ride-on can give your child that feeling! It’s a mini Mercedes soft-top with room for one and is officially licensed, so it looks just like the real thing! With a top speed of 2.5 km/h kids will get all the thrill of driving without the chance of crashes and, with reverse gear as well, they can even practise their parking!

Toyrific Mercedes-Benz GLA Electric Ride-On

Fun, fast and powerful, the Mercedes-Benz GLA is one of the most popular compact SUVs on the market. This official electric Mercedes toy car ride-on brings these qualities to one of the most realistic car toys ever made. The soft-top design feels just like the real thing, with an adjustable single seat and opening doors, as well as a dashboard full of amazing features. There’s a 3 speed driving pedal, complete with a reverse setting, so children can practise their parking and 3-point turns as well as racing! This ride-on even sounds like a Mercedes, with a realistic start button creating engine sounds for a true to life driving experience. There’s even a dashboard MP3 connection for playing your child’s favourite tunes while they drive!

Toyrific BMW Bike Electric Ride-On

Is there anything more exciting than receiving your very first bike? Children will feel like grown-ups with the BMW electric ride on. Featuring a real key start ignition, light up dashboard and realistic engine sounds this bike is bound to be one to remember. Flick the front light on, select one of the three gears and cruise away using the foot accelerator. The bike comes equipped with sturdy stabilisers to add balance and prevent accidents. Little ones can also make use of the reverse function to get out of tight spots. The bike even plays a selection of songs for the perfect soundtrack to ride to!

Toyrific Formula Racer Electric Ride-On

Put the pedal to the metal and race to the finish! With this working electric vehicle, that looks just like a real racer, your child can drive their very own sports car. This electric powered go kart has a real working steering wheel and accelerator pedal and even reverses so children can practise their parking too! This ride on looks like a real racing car and, with its sports car red colouring and go-faster black and white checks, will provide hours of fun for little racers.

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BMW Bike

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