Ultimate iScoot© X50 adult city scooter

For a practical and fun commute, this Scoot X50 scooter has a comfort suspension and is made of pure aluminium so is robust, elegant and easy to carry with the removable carry strap.

Its large 200mm wheels, low deck and built-in patented suspension makes the iScoot one of the fastest scooter’s available and allows you to travel long distances with minimal effort and maximum comfort.

It also includes a mud / rain guard to ensure your trousers are clean when you get to your destination!

Dual front and rear suspensions makes this an all terrain scooter whilst maintaining the highest level of comfort.  This is the best adult scooter iScoot ever made.

It’s the perfect and easiest way of getting to work and unlike a bicycle there are no restrictions to carrying this on the tube, train or bus.


iScoot X50