National Trading Standards advice to consumers

National Trading Standards has released some key advice to consumers looking to purchase a hoverboard in time for Christmas –

  • Never leave the self-balancing scooter charging unattended, especially overnight
  • Check the shape of the plug, many of the seized boards had a  clover-shaped mains plug.
  • Double-check the online reviews before buying. Look for information about the company’s head office as well as a landline number.
  • Buy from a trusted online retailer. Websites with spelling and grammatical errors can be an indication that the seller is not part of a professional operation.
  • Do not be dazzled by a bargain. Always question the price and if it looks too good to be true, it most likely is.

In light of these findings, we will review our links and update where necessary. Our links are predominantly Amazon or eBay so are subject to their relative terms and conditions for sale.

It is also worth noting that these devices do contain banks of rechargeable batteries, usually lithium polymer (LiPo), and the same precautions should be taken with other devices.