Balancing scooter battery maintenance tips

Tip 1

Charge after each use

The majority of people may not be willing to do it, because they consider it troublesome, in fact, this can ensure that the battery does not have excessive discharge, while protect the active material in the battery.


Tip 2

Do a thorough discharge after using 5 to 15 times

A thorough discharge is highly recommended. Of course, it doesn’t have to be frequent, which may harm the battery. After a thorough discharge of the battery and charge to full later, the user will find the capacity of the battery is slowly improving.


Tip 3

Once the battery light indicates power off, do not use

Many users have encountered such a situation: they forget to charge the battery before they use, so the scooter is totally out of power when riding. It is highly suggested to stop when your scooter indicates it is out of power. If continue to use, it will harm the battery greatly, resulting in a short lifetime.

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