Will electric cars ever be a realistic option for UK drivers?

James May of Top Gear fame had announced his intention to buy an electric car and commentators were bemused. As Antony Ingram put it, isn't he the guy best known for being one of "a trio of presenters who hate fuel-efficient cars, think electric cars are useless and like to scream around airfields in gas-guzzling supercars"?

This latest development in the ever-evolving debate about electric cars comes hot on the heels of the government's pledge to spend £500 million to boost electric vehicle ownership in the UK. Combined with the increase in models of electric and hybrid cars on the market, many are tipping 2014 to be the year that EVs finally go mainstream.

There is, however, a huge barrier standing in the way of this goal: a critical lack of charging infrastructure. Ask anyone what they believe to be the number one deterrent to owning an electric car and they will cite the crippling fear of running out of battery and being left stranded.

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