E Rider Model 60

This bike is UK road legal.

E Rider Model 60 costs less than 1p a mile to run.

E Rider Model 60 comes with Certificate of Conformity to allow DVLA registration.

E Rider Model 60 comes complete with charger, mirrors etc

E Rider Model 60 is the most stylish electric scooter you can buy.

E Rider Model 60 is not subject to Road Tax.

Range depends on rider weight and terrain, but an average rider can expect around 75 miles from a single charge through a standard household socket.


Head lights/ Brake lights /Indicators /Horn/ On/Off Key switch/ Battery level indicator/ Electric throttle/ Adjustable mirrors/ Front & rear brakes /Front spring coil shocks /Rear spring coil shocks / Front & rear mudguards /Centre and side stand /Top speed 60MPH (legal limit)


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