AirWheel AirBoard 1.0 Ride-On Board

We’re not certain why people would willingly pay twice as much for the same tech but high street’s Maplin have a self balancer for £599. We guess it is because it can be picked up from store and makes returns easier if there’s ever an issue. Will be interesting to see if this does have any substantial improvements over existing boards available at much lower prices.

Maplin’s Ride-On Board

Maplin do have a price match policy if you are considering but will they commit to it? We’re confident Maplin’s “Air Board” sticker will be enough to distinguish this “brand” product from all the other generic boards available elsewhere!

Is this just a rebadged board available from iStyle – and others?iStyle-v-Maplin

Maplin’s Terms and Conditions

The comparison needs to meet the following:

  • Price match will only apply against a single purchase, not bulk discount prices.
  • Price of comparison match product must be valid on day of purchase from Maplin.
  • The product is identical to the one we sell (Brand, Model number, colour, size, etc)
  • The competitor must be based in the UK and sell direct to customers.
  • The item matched must be available and in stock, either for immediate collection if in store, or within the same delivery timescales for a home delivery order.
  • We do not price match online-only businesses such as Amazon or eBay, resellers, Auction sites, factory outlets, membership clubs, home shopping channels, market stalls and liquidation sales are excluded from the guarantee.
  • Used / reconditioned products are excluded from the guarantee.
  • Installation services are excluded from the guarantee.
  • Typographical errors, affiliate, voucher code, gift cards or media discount is excluded from the guarantee.
  • Any other retailer’s price match promotion which offers an additional rebate or other benefit for any price matched product is also excluded.
  • Competitions, free gifts and giveaways are excluded from the guarantee.
  • Maplin’s decision will be final on the price match guarantee.
  • Gift / Discount vouchers are exempt.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw our price match guarantee at any time.
  • These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.