Airwheel – One wheel self balancing eletric unicycle

Airwheel – one wheel self balancing eletric unicycle with mileage better than the Solowheel segway is 9.7KG the lightest in the world. Turbo Wheel presents the Airwheel, the self balancing transportation wheel, this wheel is light weight and easy to carry. The future of transport is here with the Airwheel, simply lean for to go and lean back to stop. One wheeled scooter, solo wheel, one wheeled segway, motorised scooter Airwheel, Air, Wheel, SegWay, Seg, Way, Self Balancing, solowheel, unicycle, sports, outdoor, travel, commute, hover, fun, efficient, fast, vehicle, motor, one wheel, uni wheel, We are the cheapest supplier on the market. Offering excellent customer support to all of our customers. Airwheel One wheel Self Balancing eletric Unicycle mileage is better than solowheel segway 9.7KG the lightest in the world